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Ok. I've decided there's things that only bloggers and Techheads like me want to know so I'm listing My plugins here:

Akismet makes this site Spam free.

I use Favicon Rotator to provide a variety of different favicons for the site (it's the icon that gets used for bookmarking/favourites and may appear on your tab or next to the URL in the address bar, depending on your browser and it's configuration. Currently I have only 2 Favicons for the site.

Any formulas on the site and maybe some other text uses LaTeX for WordPress, a plugin to support a mathematical formula writing internet standard. If you don't see any formulas it's because I've not yet published a particular blog post. While searching for this I also included the I Draw plugin because, you know, always good to have more than one way to do something and it'd allow for diagrams.

So I can do this:

with LaTeX for WordPress (after looking up the code on LaTeX pages) - I'll quote the code I used to do this when I've done some further research to work out how to quote it without it showing up as what is above.

and this:

Diagrams created with www.5idraw.com

... after a fashion... in iDraw.

I use a little plugin called "Read more inline" in order to provide that little "More..." tag that means that lists of blog posts don't show each posting in full.

For support of a number of bbcode-style tags which make adding useful and simple interactive content

[spoiler title="For instance,"]stuff like spoiler tags, which I've discovered through experimentation unfortunately can't be nested like they can in BBCode. [/spoiler]

... I use Shortcodes Ultimate! Although with my dissapointment at the nested spoilers I might shop around for something else. That said it DOES have a feature to personalise all the shortcodes to shortcodes ultimate so that they don't clash with other shortcode plugins so if I find a better spoiler tag maker I can probably have the best of both worlds.

In order to get my own look and feel to the site I'm using Use Any Font although at this present moment I haven't designed or added any custom fonts of my own. I'm planning on finding a freeware font similar to Century Gothic and then tailoring it to my own ends.

There are a few other plugins I use but some are pretty much boring and stuff anyone uses and the others are security plugins and therefore I'm not going to divulge anything about them.

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