Technical WordPress stuff.

Ok. I’ve decided there’s things that only bloggers and Techheads like me want to know so I’m listing My plugins here:

So to start off with Akismet makes this site Spam free and JetPack does a lot of things including linking my account with my self-hosted webpage. These two are basically the default for WordPress these days. When I fist used Akismet they were just a third party plugin so they’ve clearly done well for themselves to be included in a default install these days.

I use Elementor fpr overall site design. I am a PHP coder but when it comes to building a WordPress site being able to do stuff visually is appealing especially as I see myself as a Designer. I hope to design what makes sense to design and code what makes sense to code so I’m yet to see whether the code editor for Elementor is of the same quality as it’s visual interface. I do like the ability to use the tiny text editor on the left hand sidebar and see it in “visual£ or “text” view. Relearning conventions makes things a bit… different and as one who is visually impaired I initially missed the tiny icons but it’s a pwoerful tool that I’m definitely going to learn to use. I chose Elementor because, although it CAN override some WordPress settings it doesn’t have to. Meaning that, if I ever decide NOT to use it, my pages SHOULD still display cleanly. This remains to be seen but I know, at least, that I won’t end up with pages and pages of leftover ‘background code’ such as Divi uses which is only background code when Divi is overriding everything.

I use Favicon Rotator to provide a variety of different favicons for the site (it’s the icon that gets used for bookmarking/favourites and may appear on your tab or next to the URL in the address bar, depending on your browser and it’s configuration. Currently I have only 2 Favicons for the site.

Any formulas on the site and maybe some other text uses MathJax, a plugin to support a mathematical formula writing internet standard. There are many LaTex plugins but this is one which I know still works cleanly with Elementor.

So I can do this:

$$ {x = frac{{ – b pm sqrt {b^2 – 4ac} }}{{2a}}} hspace{1cm}{{rm{when }}} hspace{1cm} {ax^2 + bx + c = 0} $$

with MathJax for WordPress (after looking up the code on LaTeX pages) – I’ll quote the code I used to do this when I’ve done some further research to work out how to quote it without it showing up as what is above. For those of you who haven’t gone far enough into maths, the above is “The Quadratic equation”.

I use a little plugin called “Read more inline” in order to provide that little “More…” tag that means that lists of blog posts don’t show each posting in full.

In and earlier version of the site, in prder to get my own look and feel to the site I used Use Any Font although I never really got round to implementing it. Elementor has this functionality so I’ve just left the link up for anyone who reads this and wants to add their own fonts easily without using Elementor. Caveat Emptor. I have no idea if it’s still live or when it was last updated. I’m planning on finding a freeware font similar to Century Gothic and then tailoring it to my own ends.

There are a few other plugins I use but some are pretty much boring and stuff anyone uses and the others are security plugins and therefore I’m not going to divulge anything about them.