Don’t let it be Autumn yet.

In the springtime of my love In foolishness I strayed Through meadows of bright primroses And dainty pointy thistles Into a field of hollyhocks where girls were skipping prettily I ran through fields of nettles And tripped and grazed both knees And so I stepped more cautiously ‘Till once again love’s call had me running … Read more

Only in the 21st Century…

What other time in history could you pick up a quote like this: “You should be able to decide whether to allow your milk carton to communicate with your fridge, for example,” he said at a news conference. This from an EU commision spokesman. They are looking into new privacy laws for RFID tags (Radio … Read more

Shower or Bath

The things we do when we have time on our hands. It’s often quoted that taking a shower uses less water than taking a bath. I’ve always wondered about this. I can take quite a time in the shower and I like it on full blast if it stays hot (which mine does). A shower … Read more

Why iz my Jenneration sew bad at speling?

I can’t believe how many turns of phrase are misquoted, how many simple rules are broken, how often bad spelling and punctuation turn up in professional publications. My first theories were to do with ‘progressive teaching techniques’ introduced in the 1970s but now I’m thinking that the problems are so prevalent that there might be … Read more

List of Pointless things to do before I die.

Everyone thinks it’s incredibly romantic. “20 things I must do before I die.” As if it’s really important. I mean, if it was full of things like ‘save a life’, ‘find a solution to world poverty’ etc. I’d understand but it’s usually stuff like ‘Swim with dolphins’. So what people really mean by “20 things … Read more

The Ballad of Peterborough.

(To be sung to the tune of ‘Nay, no, never’ – mispellings intentional to denote folkish pronunciation of lyrics) Theyy roll into a niyghtclub at about two ay amm.. There are those who are mutton who are dressed up as Laymb There are those who are laymb who are minted and sauced Be arrested for … Read more

Personality Crisis

I decided to work out what my personality is like by taking several, reliable online tests. According to the tests taken so far: I am sweet, snarky, simple, rational, dumb, ingenious, wise and sometimes need the help of others in the brains department. I work well with others, am a team player, will step on … Read more