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When is an export not an export

When it claims "backup everything" and in actual fact just backs up text. All my pictures. Gone. All my plugins. Gone. All my stylings. Gone. Thanks WordPress. Of course there won't be a link to this on twitter any time soon. That's gone. It's a small mercy that I copied and pasted my plugins list […]

Testing Testing....

I'm just writing this to see whether a new plugin works.

Getting to know WordPress.

Well I've got to the stage where I can change the header but I want to learn much more about WordPress and Content Management Systems in general. So at the moment I've got a bit of a 'quick and dirty' design up. The header isn't quite how I want it (a bit truncated and I […]

'First' Post

I guess a lot of first posts are by their very nature quite boring and far be it from me to buck a trend. As it stands this is my first post and I shall place more interesting stuff in another posting.

The Milkman Cometh

Well. I haven't downloaded the blogger software yet. Might do it tonight or tomorrow evening but the important thing is I discovered what happened with the milk. Turns out that the Milkman delivers in my area at 6.30 am. Had the milk been nicked? I don't know. As it had been delivered to number 10 […]

Blogs and Milkmen

Well first off I've kind of been using "Notes" in Facebook as a sort of blogging tool but it isn't as visible or useful as a blog. People are less likely to read it because of the "static" from the 15,000 people they don't know who they have added as 'friends' on facebook. How are […]