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All hail the Mighty Techie.

I've discovered something which pushes all the right buttons for me. Almost literally. IFTT - If this then that, is a service which enables various internet services and objects in the internet of things (such as automated plant monitors, lightswitches, internet enabled lights, thermostats, various functions of android and iphone smartphones etc. etc.) Essentially it […]

Ignore this blog post

The downside to linking to Twitter via a WordPress plugin is that if something goes wrong with my WordPress site (which it just has done) then any test post which I publish (which I have to do to check this particular error) will immediately go up on Twitter.


I have to say that, even though I am a total and utter gadget lover, I still love to read a traditional paper book for preference. Part of this has to do with being a little materialistic as far as owning books. If I have the money I prefer to own a book I like […]

Blog anywhere

Well, the new updated wordpress app for iPhone spoke English to me and actually told me where to go on my wordpress settings to allow it to work with my site. So now I'm blogging from my kitchen while making coffee! 3 and a half hours until Sam and Suz pick me up. I'm hoping […]

Leaving the country

I'm leaving the country. But only for a week. It's at THIS point that I realise that the blog, which I promised myself I'd regularly update has been left untouched for weeks, nay, months. I should probably be worrying about other stuff...