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When is an export not an export

When it claims "backup everything" and in actual fact just backs up text. All my pictures. Gone. All my plugins. Gone. All my stylings. Gone. Thanks WordPress. Of course there won't be a link to this on twitter any time soon. That's gone. It's a small mercy that I copied and pasted my plugins list […]

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

It's that time of year where all kinds of traditions happen. WARNING: I am honest and frank about all things Christmas here. I make no apologies for what I say but if you want your kids to still believe in Santa then don't let them read this.

Just something I wanted to share.

I just wanted to share the words of an advert with you: "Dear World, It's me. I'm writing to let you know. I have BIG goals for myself and I can't let YOU or ANYONE stand in my way. Because I can do anything I try and I ALWAYS try. Dear World, This is what […]

1 and 1 equals frustration

Just when I want to upload WordPress to my webspace (yes - I know I could just use WordPress' site but I want to poke around in the code and customise it at some point plus I like using my own domain name) my host (1&1) who have normally been good in terms of support […]

The Milkman Cometh

Well. I haven't downloaded the blogger software yet. Might do it tonight or tomorrow evening but the important thing is I discovered what happened with the milk. Turns out that the Milkman delivers in my area at 6.30 am. Had the milk been nicked? I don't know. As it had been delivered to number 10 […]

Blogs and Milkmen

Well first off I've kind of been using "Notes" in Facebook as a sort of blogging tool but it isn't as visible or useful as a blog. People are less likely to read it because of the "static" from the 15,000 people they don't know who they have added as 'friends' on facebook. How are […]

Only in the 21st Century...

What other time in history could you pick up a quote like this: "You should be able to decide whether to allow your milk carton to communicate with your fridge, for example," he said at a news conference. This from an EU commision spokesman. They are looking into new privacy laws for RFID tags (Radio […]

Shower or Bath

The things we do when we have time on our hands. It's often quoted that taking a shower uses less water than taking a bath. I've always wondered about this. I can take quite a time in the shower and I like it on full blast if it stays hot (which mine does). A shower […]

Why iz my Jenneration sew bad at speling?

I can't believe how many turns of phrase are misquoted, how many simple rules are broken, how often bad spelling and punctuation turn up in professional publications. My first theories were to do with 'progressive teaching techniques' introduced in the 1970s but now I'm thinking that the problems are so prevalent that there might be […]