Æsc and Œthel

Æsc and Œthel?

Why Æsc and Œthel?

It might seem a bit of a random name for a blog to you but then that's kind of intentional. The name is as seemingly random as I am. I guess it's a start of a long list of atypical things that I love.

It represents one small corner of a multiplicity of interests. It represents my love of unusualness, of atypicality. My love of language, my pickiness about language, my enjoyment of different typefaces, fonts and special characters and many other subjects besides.

Some of you may be under the bizarre impression that there is such a word as "Encyclopaedia", or even, deludedly, "Encyclopedia".

The word is more correctly spelled "Encyclopædia"

I love the little extra diacritics and ligatures found in the languages of the world and mourn the loss of some of them which were there in the roots of our language and are no longer used - or even never made it over from the proto-German and Celtic that influenced Old English.

Æsc and œthel are now endangered species of the English language.

I would have written 'but I digress' next but in actual fact that's the entire point of this ramble. There's really no "but" about it. I digress. For better and for worse that is what I do. I digress from serious political and religious debate into silly puns and segue back into them possibly via the subjects of sci-fi, animé, food, ADHD (which I both benefit from and suffer from), games (in pretty much every field the least of which is sport - unless you're amongst those who consider Starcraft a sport), and many more subjects too numerous to mention.

ADHD is my gift from God and also the þ in my side (see what I did there? - see my list for why this is funny). It is the reason my brain makes beautifully impossible creative connections and the reason I so often lose my keys. At times I have been asked by some of my fellow Christians why I don't ask God to heal me from ADHD.

I don't see ADHD as a disability. It is a brain type.  A way of thinking. Don't get me wrong; I have often asked God for help and healing from its negative effects (and still do) but today I would no more ask for healing from the condition itself than I would ask for healing from being male or from liking cheese (and to anyone saying there are no negative sides to either of those things - you haven't thought this through, have you?).

All this and I haven't even mentioned the wonders of the Ampersand. I'll deal with that in one of my normal posts.

Lets end on an absolute positive and start an endless list of things I like. As I think of more stuff that I like I'll add it to this page. Please let me know if I accidentally repeat myself. Please let me know if I accidentally repeat myself:

(NB - definitely NOT in any order of importance or any discernable order at all)

  • Æsc
  • Œthel
  • Cheese
  • The mysterious case of the dog in the night-time
  • Thrash Metal
  • The art of MC Escher
  • Grunge Music
  • Early Music
  • Probability and statistics
  • Johny Cash
  • My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
  • Chocolate
  • (The letter) Þorn - (careful not to misread this - Þ is pronounced 'th' as in 'thorn' rather than 'th' as in 'this', 'that' and 'then'. Þorn is the name of the letter. It's in Old English and some current Germanic languages.)
  • Motown
  • Curry
  • A lot of classical music
  • Theological Debate
  • The Art of Salvador Dali
  • Folk
  • Eð (ð is pronounced "th" as in "then" rather than "th" as in "thick" Eðis the name of the letter. It's in Old English and some current Germanic languages.)
  • Digeridoo music
  • Philosophical Debate
  • Folk Rock
  • Rock
  • Playing my Didgeridoo (not as often as I'd like - someone teach me circular breathing! Please!)
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Practically anything by Art Lebedev Studio
  • Political Debate
  • Paper and Scissors (I love making stuff!)
  • Stylesheets (Which I also hate)
  • Asymmetry
  • Sherlock
  • RISK
  • HTML
  • Playing my Tabla. Anyone know a cheap tutor?
  • Cooking
  • PHP
  • Sewing (bit sporadic on this amongst many other things and still lots to learn but I do have a beautiful ancient Singer machine that can sew leather and canvas!)
  • Certain types of Jazz - a quote about Jazz says there are 3 types:
    1. Jazz
    2. Good Jazz and
    3. Hey, where's the rhythm gone?

    My tastes are somewhere between the second and third categories

  • Cluedo
  • Vodka
  • MySQL
  • Red Wine
  • Literal humour (for example a man walks into a bar - ouch!)
  • Thai Food
  • Björk
  • Mexican Food
  • The English Language
  • Computer art and design
  • Tafl games
  • Köln
  • Indian Food
  • Puns and other wordplay
  • Bath (The city)
  • The beauty of God's Grace
  • Shower (the means of getting clean)
  • Computer Games
  • Reading novels
  • Chinese Food
  • Enepetal
  • Worshipping God
  • Chess
  • Polish Food
  • Haiku Poetry
  • Looking at history
  • Slovakian food
  • Go (board game)
  • Randomly browsing the internet to find all kinds of interesting facts
  • OK Go
  • Food in General
  • Ice Hockey (watching, but not on any regular or organised basis)
  • The Fun Loving Criminals
  • Monopoly
  • British Food
  • The German Language
  • A Comedy of Errors
  • Collecting dice (polyhedrals rule!)
  • Pad Thai noodles
  • The Russian Language
  • Sheffield
  • Writing Songs
  • Designing T-shirts
  • Blur
  • The Polish Language
  • Designing Websites
  • Wearing unusual replacements to the common necktie
  • Performing in my Band (currently a bit of a Proto-band): "Rocket from Eden".
  • Strategy boardgames
  • The Serbian Language
  • Designing repeat prints for fabrics
  • Designing Fonts
  • The Gorillaz
  • Bratislava
  • Twelve Monkeys
  • The Slovakian Language
  • Wearing my ties the wrong RIGHT way round (wide is just wrong)
  • Monopoly
  • Ethan Flewers (Nephew number 4 - chronologically)
  • Languages in General
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass
  • Card games
  • Othello (The board game)
  • Laughing with friends
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Macbeth
  • CS Lewis' Cosmic Trilogy
  • Designing repeat print fabrics
  • Hordes
  • Oliver Shaw (Nephew number 2 - Chronologically)
  • Creation Science
  • Attempting to pluck up the courage to actually use the skateboard I bought about 10 years ago (well, I don't so much LIKE this but I WILL when I actually get round to doing it >.< )
  • The word "Postprandial"
  • Winding up one of my friends by telling him he's Polish (don't actually know why it annoys him so much - but it's fun)
  • The word "Dictionary"
  • Winter walks
  • Mulled Wine
  • Eliot Shaw (Nephew number 1 - chronologically)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • The feeling of accomplishment when you've just finished building a PC (It almost makes all the accidental injury and failed startup sequences feel worthwhile!)
  • Joshua Flewers (Nephew number 3 - chronologically)
  • Anything written by Terry Pratchett
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Hannah Mae Flewers (Niece Number 1 - Chronologically and literally. Born by C section merely 5 days before my 36th Birthday. The most beautiful little girl in the world. She has the most amazing smile)
  • Coffee

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