When is an export not an export

When it claims “backup everything” and in actual fact just backs up text.

All my pictures.


All my plugins.


All my stylings.


Thanks WordPress.

Of course there won’t be a link to this on twitter any time soon. That’s gone.

It’s a small mercy that I copied and pasted my plugins list to a Word document before I wiped and ‘restored’ the site. So all I have to do now is:

Look up and install all the plugins again

Work out the settings for each.

Track down/ Recreate the pictures and photos.

Install WP plugins that will ACTUALLY back up stuff like pictures to my home PC.

Should take a while… (I’ll install the Twitter/Facebook plugins last. People seeing a site with default feels a bit like having someone walk in on you when you’re only wearing underwear)

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  1. Ok so the only reason I’m commenting now is to test out IFTTT for RSS feeds. when I actually should be studying wordpress. Ah well.


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