Wading through Treacle

Well here I am on the day before Christmas Eve (or “Christmas Eve Eve” as I like to call it) and I haven’t blogged since just before leaving for Serbia. On my (now rarely used) iPhone are some notes for half the week in Serbia still stuck on my iPhone due to a lack of obvious options for a cheap enough internet connection while out there (got so busy towards the end of the week didn’t find time to upload to my blog).

By the time I put them up it will appear that they’ve been up there for ages as I will backdate them to the days I wrote them or the days which I wrote about (I think the latter because it kind of makes more sense of what I wrote).

Which brings me to the title of this blog entry. It might sound like a light hearted title but it deals with a weighty issue.


It’s something I struggle with. I find that things like leaving the house, meeting friends, looking for work, filling out forms, even a lot of stuff I enjoy doing seems almost impossible to do. It feels like I’m wading through treacle when I approach the task at hand and then the guilt of not having accomplished anything (in the case of stuff I feel I should do) or the frustration of not being involved (in the case of stuff I really was looking forward to) or both (because there’s quite a bit of crossover between those two) just adds to the treaclyness of the situation.

This blog was created partly for some kind of catharsis – a means to splurge what I needed to get off my chest and to share what I thought was interesting. Instead it’s started to become another treacle issue, so I guess this post is an attempt to put that right.

My New Year’s resolution: Blog more, it keeps my mind healthy and I’m going to cheat by starting before the New year.

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