Leaving the country

I’m leaving the country. But only for a week.

It’s at THIS point that I realise that the blog, which I promised myself I’d regularly update has been left untouched for weeks, nay, months.

I should probably be worrying about other stuff…

Instead, full of coffee and cola and general caffiene, I’m sitting at my PC wondering if I’ll be able to update it while I’m away in Serbia. I’m trying to get the caffeine balance and timing just right, enough to keep me properly awake until Sam and Susannah come round at 3:25 to give me a lift to Phil and Liz’s but not so much that I won’t be able to sleep at some time just after four when I’ll be in a taxi on my way to Heathrow.

I shouldn’t really be worrying. I’ve done most of my packing and preparation already and, as already intimated, I don’t intend to sleep until I’m in one of two taxis and on my way to Heathrow at four oclock tomorrow morning – that’s the tomorrow that starts in less than an hour’s time (or possibly the tomorrow that will have already started after my typing this  depending on how much I waffle). I have a book, a white shirt and some lyrics (that Susannah left here yesterday when she, Josh and I were practicing our English number ones) to pack and I think that’s it. Ooh – and some numbers to put in my phone. I have a few more songs to pick for the morning team time that I’ll be leading with Nick (a different group of two will take each one each morning). I have that odd going-away-on-holiday feeling mixed with a slight apprehension of how much hard work this could well be. The truth is inevitably going to be somewhere between the two. I suspect the week will go very quickly whatever I’m doing. It remains to be seen whether my plans to get my wordpress iPhone app working, get a Serbian Pay-As-you-go sim with a data plan and do a daily blog will pan out at all. If not I may just journal and post it all on this blog when I get back. Or I may find a cybercafé or Church PC. Or none of these things will happen.

I’ve been facebooking a lot of the evening, making the most of the luxury of using my own PC while I can but I promised myself I’d stop doing leisure stuff and start the last minute packing and checking from midnight on, only returning to less serious stuff when I’m absolutely certain everything is done. Meanwhile the strange butterflies in my stomach feeling is still mounting.

Hm. Nearly half eleven. Time for another coffee I think…

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