Testing Testing….

I’m just writing this to see whether a new plugin works.

I’ve been fiddling around with plugins. I’ve got one to randomly change the strapline on the top of  my blog (which, if I ever learn to write wordpress plugins myself, I’d like to improve upon) and one to filter out spam (which has proved very effective so far. Only a couple days of properly going “live” and it’s already filtered out 5 spammy comments).

There’s a reason, beyond my normal verbosity, that this post is so waffly and that is that I’m hoping to go past 100 words to test out the new RSS feed improver which SHOULD cut this after 100 words and add a link back to my blog. If I can then fiddle with the settings that means people reading my “notes” on facebook will be redirected to my blog where I want them to be.

*Edit* Having read again I now see that I just need to put a ‘read more’ link in rather than typing a lot. Ah well.

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