1 and 1 equals frustration

Just when I want to upload WordPress to my webspace (yes – I know I could just use WordPress’ site but I want to poke around in the code and customise it at some point plus I like using my own domain name) my host (1&1) who have normally been good in terms of support and in terms of the hosting they provide suddenly become a pain.

I can’t seem to FTP all the files to the webspace like I used to be able to do. The only alternative would be to use the 1&1 website and use the webspace upload feature and do it all via their website – except WordPress has a few THOUSAND small files and you have to load the files individually.

I downloaded the FTP program that you get free from 1&1 in the hopes that I’ll have more joy with that than the 3 others I’ve tried. I’m also switching to e-mail. Phone may be more convenient but it’s probably costing me 10p a minute.

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