This isn’t a serious post about the demonic and it’s dispersal but rather a light-hearted note about songs.

You know when you get a song that just won’t leave your head even though you hate it. It stays in there like an evil demon taunting your brain with it’s triteness and banality. What do you do?

Well I found that the best solution is to find a song that you like and will never tire of which also sticks in your head. Any time you get a ‘demonic’ song stuck in your head you can ‘exorcise’ it with this tune. For me it’s the Proclaimers’ “1000 miles” otherwise known as “I’m gonna be” or maybe “500 miles” depending on which part of the lyrics you get the title from. Whatever it is it has successfully exorcised the demons of Aqua’s ‘Barbie girl’, ‘Betty boo doing the do’ and Whigfield’s ‘Saturday night’ from my brain, and it’s a lot better than going down the street singing “The power of Christ Compels Thee”

(and is much less likely to get you sectioned!)

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