Blogs and Milkmen

Well first off I’ve kind of been using “Notes” in Facebook as a sort of blogging tool but it isn’t as visible or useful as a blog. People are less likely to read it because of the “static” from the 15,000 people they don’t know who they have added as ‘friends’ on facebook. How are you supposed to find out that someone you’re GOOD friends with has posted a note. Especially as you don’t get it posted anywhere visible unless you deliberately publish it simultaneously on your wall – even then people tend to read the stuff on their own wall more often but I wouldn’t want to spam everyone else’s walls with my stuff.

So I’m downloading WordPress and installing it on my own, currently rather neglected, website. I’ll give you the address when it’s done.

Hopefully I will be able to add my ‘Notes’ and put them in as the dates that I posted them here but if I don’t it’s no loss. Plus I can get ‘Notes’ to pick up the RSS feed from my blog and post it as a note. Best of both worlds really.

Grr. Milkmen.

As some of you might have guessed from my most recent facebook status I’m peed off with my milkman. I was willing to pay the inevitable extra cost for a pint of milk because it would guarantee me a pint of milk each morning from Monday to Saturday. Upon finally tracking down Dairy Crest’s number I discovered it was 54p a pint for bottles (don’t like cartons so I didn’t ask the price of those) and that they only delivered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in my area (I get the impression I’m near the edge of my area and I’m thinking of moving house anyway so if I could find a new place near here but also just on the edge of somewhere that gets deliveries Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I could possibly strike a deal with my neighbors). I was rather disappointed that I couldn’t get 6 day delivery but I figured at least I got 3 working days covered so I signed up.

When I was about 16 or 17 I got an unofficial job helping a milkman with his rounds. He used to deliver milk to my house at around 5am when he was already about 1/4-1/2 way into his round and then I used to help him deliver the rest.

It’s ten to 9 in the morning. I got up at ten to 6. I should be leaving for work at quarter past 9 at the very latest. I still haven’t had any milk delivered.I rang the dairy at about 8:15 – “Hi, I should be getting my first pint of milk delivered this morning – I just wondered what time it could be delivered”, “We can’t guarantee a delivery time, sir”, “Well I kind of ordered milk delivery so that I could be sure to have a pint of milk available each morning before I go to work so a rough idea will do”, “OK, give me your number and I’ll ask the milkman when he comes in” – whether that was after or before his round begins is a question I’m kicking myself for not asking.

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