20 Things to do before I die (Edition II – 11 to go)

Read on. There might be sweeties in this for you.

Everyone thinks it’s incredibly romantic.

“20 things I must do before I die.”

As if it’s really important. I mean, if it was full of things like ‘save a life’, ‘find a solution to world poverty’ etc. I’d understand but it’s usually stuff like ‘Swim with dolphins’. So what people really mean by “20 things to do before I die” is “20 pointless things I’d like to do and haven’t got round to”. I’d hate to buck the trend, so I won’t, but I thought, why be pretentious and do the dolphin thing. Why not think of some REALLY pointless things. So since the last time I published a note like this I have 4 more ideas bringing it up to 9 and no-one seems to be adding any ideas (apart from Iain Loasby – thanks for the Shitlington Crag idea).
  • Go to the Forth of Firth on the 1/4 and the 4/1. (Pretty easy to do, just have to make sure I’m in Scotland in December/January and March/April – I suppose I could count this as two things).
  • Visit the only Pub in England to be owned by the Ministry of Defence.
  • Visit the oldest coffee shop in the world (in Oxford)
  • Visit the second oldest coffee shop in the world (it’s in Leipzig and was also founded in the 1700s)
  • Go swimming with an elephant. I guess I’d have to be riding it to make sure I was safe doing this… If I can’t swim with one I’ll just ride one.
  • Travel to Australia via Europe and Asia (this isn’t THAT pointless as I have relatives in Oz) and back via America.
  • Drink a beer on Shitlington Crag with Iain Loasby
  • Travel to parts of Africa via France and Spain
  • Go on ‘Air’ at Alton Towers (Ok there’s a bit of a ‘point’ to this one – for those of you who are thinking “that’s easy” you don’t understand how my fear of rollercoasters and my desire to want to know what it feels like to be Superman clash horribly.)
That’s my list so far. There’s a small bag of sweeties (100g and I’ll do sugar-free or nuts for any diabetics) in it for anyone who helps (or has helped) me to get the list to 20. Any ideas of yours that I like will be added. They can be as stupid or as interesting as you like as long as they’re reasonably pointless. One bag of sweets per person rather than idea will probably be the way I’ll do it but you never know….
OK so the revised list has 8 things on it meaning I only have 12 to go. They’re mostly travel related because I’d like to be more well travelled. Come on people I need ideas to make it up to twenty so please tell me your ideas so I can add them. Or just insult me like you usually do. You know who you are (and just in case you don’t I’ll tag you in this note). I’ve randomly selected friends who I think might be interested AND give me some good ideas and I’m also going to publish this to my wall. As you can tell from the list it can be as easy or hard as you like (the Africa/Europe and Australia/Europe/Asia ones are going to take some planning for instance..).

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