Only in the 21st Century…

What other time in history could you pick up a quote like this:

“You should be able to decide whether to allow your milk carton to communicate with your fridge, for example,” he said at a news conference.

This from an EU commision spokesman. They are looking into new privacy laws for RFID tags (Radio Frequency Id tags – they come in all different shapes and sizes – those little plastic things people use to log into work are RFID tags, they’re also the things in your library books and in the plastic tags they take off clothing in shops). They suggest that all RFID tags be switched off on point of purchase unless otherwise specified by the customer. Apparently a combination of sensors and RFID tags would enable a suitably equipped fridge to tell the customer when their milk has gone off. As I now know that you can get internet enabled fridges presumably it could order more milk on the customer’s behalf as well. They haven’t yet worked out a way for the fridge to chuck the milk out for you but… well robotics is advancing so maybe your robot will do it. After the fridge has told it to….

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