Personality Crisis

I decided to work out what my personality is like by taking several, reliable online tests.

According to the tests taken so far:

I am sweet, snarky, simple, rational, dumb, ingenious, wise and sometimes need the help of others in the brains department. I work well with others, am a team player, will step on toes to get where I want and am loyal. I am a fat, TV watching, beer swilling, smart, sophisticated alcoholic. I am headstrong, bold, confident, passionate, strong-willed, precocious, reserved, down to earth, patient, mature, quiet and level-headed. My forwardness sometimes comes off as aggression and I have some work to do in the sensitivity department. I am popular for my honesty and goodwill. Others do not always seem to appreciate my differences.

I never leave home without sundry office supplies. I am brave, have a highly defined sense of right and wrong, speak my mind, fight for what I want and against injustice. Life and death situations are my forte, but I may be getting a bit old for that kind of thing. I’d visit the ends of the earth for what I believe and would never let obstacles stand in the way of true love. I defy convention and sometimes do what is considered taboo. I would visit the ends of the earth for what I believe. I believe in fate. My true love will find me one day.

My first season mullet will always be remembered.

I have many talents, and many friends.

I may be the biggest personality in the woods (with that many contradictions I’m not surprised!)

I am Winnie the Pooh, Count Von Count, Lucy Van Pelt, Splinter the Rat, Macguyver, Princess Jasmine, Pocahontas, Peter and Brian.

I should live in Los Angeles and am a member of Gyffindor and Hufflepuff houses.

I am seriously considering Psychiatric help.

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